Sweater Rachel

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Rachel is an airily-knit cropped sweater incorporating whimsical fantasy stitches, gossamer-light and almost transparent, like a spider’s web on an early spring morning. Rachel exudes sensuality and a touch of glamour. It will help you lift a casual outfit to a more sophisticated plane, or add a cosy yet luxurious touch to a festive ensemble.

50% mohair superkid, 32% polyamide, 18% merino wool extra thin, small and medium

If your colour is out of stock, email us and we will knit your Rachel in the requested colour. Delivery time: 2-3 weeks.

Tip: Rachel will retain its shape and colour better if you use a detergent for delicate fabrics. After washing, dry your scarf on a flat surface. If it’s not dirty, but just a little musty, just airing your Rachel will be enough to make it feel clean again!