Sweater Aline

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Aline merges several shades of wool into a unique marbled colour palette. This oversized sweater is available in three styles, in which the brightest VEST colours are intertwined. Rain forest meets Minty iceberg, Cobalt gathers with Sky blue and Bubblegum pink forms a joyful blend with our Spicy tangerine.

This beautiful play of colours makes Aline easy to combine with a bottom piece in a lighter shade that is softly present in the knitwear. With her subtle V-neck and casual oversized fit, Aline is your comfortable everyday pick.

If your colour is out of stock, email us and we will knit your Aline in the requested colour. Delivery time: 2-3 weeks.

50% mohair superkid, 32% polyamide, 18% merino wool super thin, one size

Tip: Aline will retain its shape and colour better if you use a detergent for delicate fabrics. After washing, dry your Aline on a flat surface. If it’s not dirty, but just a little musty, just airing your Aline will be enough to make it feel clean again!